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Architectural Finishes

Why replace when you can reface? Architectural finishes closely resemble natural materials and manmade surfaces. Hundreds of finishes are available in various wood grains, metals, and natural stone. These self-adhering materials can be applied to existing substrates reducing labor and material costs when compared to natural materials. Remodel and reuse and perhaps qualify for some LEED credits along the way!

Architectural Finishes Sample #1

3M™ Di-Noc™

Lightweight and self-adhering with over 500 designs to choose from. 3M Comply™ adhesive technology virtually eliminates bubbles and speeds up installation time.

Architectural Finishes Sample #2


Greater water resistance than common types of wallcovering, and proven to last due to its 8.3 mil thickness and strong air-release adhesive bond. Available in 400+ patterns.

Architectural Finishes Sample #3


Eco-friendly very stable film with bubble minimizing technology. Available in various woods, solids, metals and abstract patterns. Also offers outdoor rated resurfacing films.

Architectural Finishes Sample #4

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective updating
  • Less waste
  • Hundreds of pattern options
  • Install on flat or curved surfaces
  • Easy maintenance & durability