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Lomella® Traditional Type II Wallcovering

Traditional Type II Wallcovering by Lomella features a digitally printed 20 ounce wallcovering with a vinyl face, paired with either a poly-cotton woven or polyester/pulp non-woven backer depending on which embossing is chosen. These durable wallcoverings pass all criteria for Type II properties, are Class A Fire rated, and meet or exceed mold and mildew requirements. Items marked with the 11% recycled symbol can also contribute to LEED v4 credits due to their 11% post-consumer content.

Lomella pairs the performance you expect of traditional type II wallcovering with the abundance of textures, colors, and patterns you're sure to love. At ASI Wall Solutions, we give you the freedom of choice. Simply pick your material, then choose your pattern, color, or image; Supply your own, or have us design one for you. We promise, the hard part is choosing just one!

Key Features:

  • Digitally printed with custom photos or pattern
  • Variety of textures available
  • Traditional Paste-up
  • Many eco-friendly options available

Available Surfaces

Artist Canvas

Artist Canvas - WC640-08

Medium depth texture, rough surface, low-gloss reproduction of painter's canvas.


Canvas - WC640-11

Realistic fabric-like appearance with heavy depth texture, rough surface, low-gloss.


Beads - WC640-09

Uniform collection of small bumps, heavy depth texture, rough surface, low-gloss.

Elephant Skin

Elephant Skin - WC640-10

Simulates leather or a natural animal skin with medium depth texture, rough surface, low gloss.


Plaster - WC640-12

Gives the look of real plaster or stucco, heavy texture, rough surface, low & high gloss.


Sandblast - WC640-13

Heavier texture than Suede, mimics medium to heavy sand paper, low gloss.


Silk - WC640-14

Silk texture with randomly dispersed horizontal lines, variable gloss, medium texture.


Suede - WC640-15

Light stipple suede-like surface helps to reduce glare from direct light, medium texture, low gloss.


Crosshatch - WC640-16

Multi directional light texture creates subtle sheen when viewed at an angle, low gloss.


Pique - WC640-17

Mimics dress shirt stitching, reduces glare, medium depth texture, rough surface, low gloss.


Mystique - WC640-18

Light cobweb texture imulates the look of hand painted brush strokes, low gloss.

Matte Smooth

Matte Smooth - WC640-19

Flat smooth finish with just a slight tooth, very light texture, low gloss.


Steel - WC640-06

Embossed surface with a metallic sheen, light texture, luxurious sheen, high gloss.


Pearl - WC640-07

Unique embossed surface along with a pearl luxurious sheen, light texture, high gloss.

Pearl Smooth

Pearl Smooth - WC639-15

Pearl luxurious sheen with smooth surface, no texture, high-gloss.

Silver Chrome

Silver Chrome - WC640-01

Smooth, glossy, shiny and refective, smooth surface, high gloss.

Gold Chrome

Gold Chrome - WC640-02

Smooth, glossy, shiny and refective like, high gloss gold color, no texture.

Copper Chrome

Copper Chrome - WC640-03

Copper colored surface with fine vertical brush marks, smooth surface, high gloss.

Black Chrome

Black Chrome - WC640-04

No texture, smooth surface, high gloss with special effect deep black color surface.


Diamond - WC640-05

Heavy bead-like texture, rough surface, variable sparkle effect with metallic look.

  • Materials with minimum 11% post-consumer content.