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Environmentally Friendly Solutions

At ASI Wall Solutions we're committed to provide you with many options with as little impact on the environment as possible. As a member of USGBC ourselves, we understand that many of our clients are working on projects where they are striving for as many LEED credits as possible. Therefor, we have made it our priority to provide you with various products that are composed of environmentally friendly materials, are recyclable or made from recycled materials, and are low VOC. We also offer solutions to reuse and refurbish existing furniture, casings, and other substrates, reducing both cost and environmental impact.

Green Statement


  • Less impact on environment
  • Less waste
  • Options for reuse and refurbishing
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • LEED projects help gain a competitive edge
  • LEED projects provide long term savings
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Recycled Content Type II

The following products by ASI Wall Solutions meet the 20%+ recycled content requirement, and/or other pathways to gain ID+C MR credits.

  • Eco-Lomella Terranova (31%)
  • Eco-Lomella Terranova Smooth (31%)
  • Eco-Lomella Woven (31%)
  • Eco-Lomella Smooth (36%)
  • Eco-Lomella Sand (36%)
  • Eco-Lomella Enviroscape (20%)
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Self-Adhesive Wallcovering

The following products by ASI Wall Solutions are adhesive backed PVC-free wallcovering and may help achieve LEED credits within various categories. (ID+C MR, EQ, etc.)

  • Eco-Lomella Enviroscape (20% recycled content)
  • Eco-Lomella Vision (Greenguard Gold)
  • Eco-Lomella White Blockout
  • Eco-Lomella White
  • Eco-Lomella White Canvas
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Other Solutions

The following products by ASI Wall Solutions may help achieve LEED credits in various ways due to their refurbishing properties, recycled content, or recyclability.

  • 3M Di-Noc
    Refurbish/reface existing materials
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  • Rabesco EcoBoard
    100% recyclable and repulpable
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  • Dinnix ZenBoard
    Easily recycled through standard recycling channels
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