Greeting displayed when walking from left to right

Soothing image is seen when standing in front of display

Display reads 'goodbye' when walking from right to left

Product Features

Three Messages in ONe Space

TriLusion™ Display Systems have the unique ability to fuse three graphic images into one space, mimicking lenticular printing. These displays respond to the growing demand for engaging and impactful messaging/branding opportunities.

A Perfect Feature Wall

The system is designed, printed, and fabricated utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The end result is a three dimensional display that allows you to view 3 different messages from 3 different directions. TriLusion™ Displays can configured to varying sizes and shapes to fit your feature wall dimensions.


  • Engaging feature wall
  • 3 messages in 1 location
  • Custom printed graphics
  • Configured to fit your space
  • Customizable with various materials

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