Dinnix® Serenity Tiles creates a soothing outdoor environment indoors, perfect for any interior

Product Features

Introducing Dinnix® Serenity Tiles, a lightweight and durable virtual skylight, paired with photographic images of real skies that induce that "Relaxation Response". These tiles consist of a modular design created in any rectangular shape, or arrangement of shapes, defined by the existing ceiling grid. Dinnix® Serenity Tiles are scalable, from a single 2'x2' square or 2'x4' rectangle to as large as you can imagine.

Designed to work with existing grid systems or new construction, these virtual skylights are moisture resistant, made of lightweight aluminum framing with LED lighting, and are available with a dimming option. Stock sizes are 2'x2' and 2'x4', however these panels can be configured in multiples, and custom sizes are available upon request.


  • Anodized aluminum frame, 6500k, LED 24v, DC, 1.0 amps, per RB-942-07 fixture
  • Includes high resolution reproduction from any digital file on non glare matte finish fade resistant pigmented inks with UV inhibitors.

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