Dinnix Resin Panels can brighten your interior space

Add a touch of color & privacy with Dinnix Resin Panels

Product Features

Unique Transformations

Dinnix® Resin Panels offer excellent impact resistance and cleanability paired with a durable long-lasting finish. These panels are created to handle heavy traffic and typical abuse found in schools, hospitals, and other commercial environments. A variety of solid colors and patterns are available, or these panels can be printed with custom graphics to suit specific project needs.

Endless Uses

Our resin panels are created with versatility in mind. Dinnix® Resin Panels can be used in large panels as wall coverings, partitions, table tops and more. These Resin Panels can also be cut or routed and transformed into various shapes to create ceiling displays, signage, wall art, furniture accents, shelves, and many other attractive displays.


  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Durable, rigid structure available in various thicknesses
  • Large variety of colors and patterns
  • Custom printing available
  • Translucent or Solid options
  • Can be cut, routed, laser etched or drilled

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