High-quality printed Dinnix® Hush Panels reduce echo in conference room.

Hush Panels® directly mounted to hallway wall.

Product Features

Superior Acoustical Solutions

Manufactured from fine fibers bonded with a special resin to produce a rigid board-type insulation, Dinnix® Hush Panels provide functional aesthetics to office interiors. The countless air spaces in Hush Panels create effective sound absorption and thermal properties. Noise from air movement, equipment and conversations are noticeably reduced, while providing eye-appealing decoration.

Custom Printing & Sizing

Dinnix® Hush Panels can be printed with a solid color, pattern, or image, and cut into various sizes up to 4'x10', and are available in 1" to 4" thicknesses. These beautifully printed panels can be suspended from ceilings as clouds or baffles, or directly mounted to walls or ceilings, to provide effective sound absorption. Dinnix® Hush Panels are mold-resistant and fire retardant making them suitable for any interior office environment.


  • Reduces echo and reverberation
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • Exceptional acoustical performance
  • Available in various thicknesses, 1" to 4"
  • Printable with solid colors, patterns or images
  • Custom cut into various sizes
  • Mold-resistant and fire retardant

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