Dinnix® Dry Erase Marker Trays with Metal or Plastic Endcaps

Dinnix® Outside Corner & Dinnix® Inside Corner

Dinnix® Edge Trim & Dinnix® Divider Bar

Product Features

Add On Accessories

Dinnix® Hardware and Accessories are a perfect addition to many of our products. Featuring marker trays, corner and trim moldings, and frames, these accessories are sure to please. Contact us today to learn more about customizing our accessories to suit your needs. Looking for a specific product that is not on our list of accessories? Give us a call, and we'll be glad to help you find the product your are looking for!


  • Recommended for use with Dinnix® Tidyrase, 3M Di-Noc, or Dinnix® Eco-Lomella Pro-Tec Velvet Wall Protection
  • Adds finishing touch to project
  • Metal or Plastic options
  • Quality and Durable Materials
  • Custom Match Powder Coating Available


  • Dinnix® Dry Erase Box Tray
  • Dinnix® Metal Endcap
  • Dinnix® Plastic Endcap
  • Dinnix® Outside Corner Moulding
  • Dinnix® Inside Corner Moulding
  • Dinnix® Edge Trim
  • Dinnix® Divider Bar

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